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Underground Distribution switch Vista® from S&C


The Vista Underground Distribution Switch, is the answer to its protection and sectioning problems of up to 38 kV, has 600 amp load switch disconnectors and resettable fault switches, all connected by elbows, and housed in a hermetically sealed tank and insulated by SF 6 gas.
Its innovative features simplify operations, increase security and minimize service interruption time. Routine operation tasks can be performed quickly by a person without having to come into contact with wires or expose themselves to medium voltages. These equipments are supplied in 3 types, in voltage levels from 15kV to 38kV. -Manual -Remote Supervision - Source Transfer.
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Technical Capabilities

  • Tracks
    2 to 6
  • Isolation
    SF6 gas
  • Registry of Event
    Last 64 events captured by the control
  • Arc Resistance Certification
    IEC 60298 Standard, Appendix AA for symmetric voltages up to 12.5 kA for 15 cycles.

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