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Silicone Rubber Insulation


Silicone Midsun HVIC is ideal for eliminating electrical system outputs caused by contamination on insulators. Avoid economic losses due to repair, decrease in the reliability metrics of the companies and of course the affectation to the end users who have their electricity service suspended. Reduce or eliminate the maintenance of insulators and the possibility of developing exhaust currents caused by contamination, increasing the continuity of the service.
It is water repellent, does not allow the adhesion of contaminants on the surface and is not affected by ultraviolet light or temperature. Silicone Midsun Silprocoat 579 is a powerful and effective anticorrosive. This coating is ideal for use in environments of extreme pollution, such as coasts or desert industries. It provides ideal protection against corrosion of power system elements, metal structures, enclosures, oil and gas storage tanks, pipelines and metal barriers.
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Technical Capabilities

  • Dielectric Resistance
    at 35.9 kV/mm
  • Dissipation Factor @100 KHz
  • Application temperature range
    32-120°F (0-50°C)
  • Usable temperature range
    -40 - 300°F (-40 to 148°C)

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