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Parameterization and commissioning of protection and control systems for electrical substations.

Protection systems and control of electrical substations: CFS is due to the development of electrical substation automation projects. It was a pioneer as a Costa Rican company in providing parameterization services, configuration and adjustment of protection, control, telemetry and measurement systems in Costa Rica and Nowadays he is a leader not only in our country, but also has a track record of internationally successful projects, with more than 20 years of experience and specialization in this discipline.

Hand in hand with digitalization, the need to provide services in the area of protection and control systems arises. Due to the development of microprocessed relays and software for SCADA systems, which came to replace the alarm panels and old electromechanical and numerical protection relays.

A comprehensive vision is needed, with a broad understanding of the patio power equipment, the designs for the acquisition of monitoring and control signals, as well as the configuration tools, power system protections, communication protocols and graphic development. of Human Machine Interfaces (IHM), to create a functional system that fulfills the functions of Monitoring, Remote Control and Automated Operation that a modern substation must have.

At CFS we are your ally and we offer:

  • Installation, connection and testing and commissioning of the control wiring.
  • Configuration and test of protection relays, bay control units and RTU’s.
  • Configuration of local communications systems.
  • Parameterization and commissioning of SCADA and telemetry systems.
  • Protection and control systems.
  • Start-up with simulation of measurement variables, alarms, indications and commands.