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Development of monitoring systems for energy efficiency and energy quality.

Energy efficiency and energy quality: The great challenge of the 21st century is to be efficient, not only because of financial issues, but because the human being is creating awareness of the importance of reducing the consumption of resources. An area in which companies have paid attention is the energy consumption and in this case electricity.

Before taking actions, it is very important to measure the conditions of energy consumption and not only take a “picture” of the behavior of the system at a given time, but it is a continuous process that must respond to the changing dynamics of the environment of an industry , commerce or any installation in general.

What is not measured can not be improved

CFS provides services to support industries in the process to achieve energy efficiency and energy quality, accompanying them with all the understanding that has a company with 20 years of experience in electrical systems and that has the support and training of major suppliers in this area of monitoring and analysis.

Data is the smartest way to make decisions

Lifting the electrical system.
Interpretation of the electrical system according to the dynamics of the process.
Identification of critical points for the location of the measuring elements.
Development of an integral or step-wise measurement strategy.
Installation of the measuring elements and commissioning.
Development of the monitoring system, including the integration of measurement elements, creation of database, configuration of reports, user administration and development of the user platform.
Data analysis and support services.
Consultancy for the implementation of corrective actions.
Implementation of distributed generation solutions, Solar, Storage, MicroGrids.
Energy efficiency and energy quality