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What is CFS?

We are a symbol of specialization and innovation, every day we redefine the market by offering high engineering services, exploring and connecting with the most efficient technologies, opening a world of possibilities to lead the world of energy

Since 1996 in CFS, every day we are generating businesses that challenge us. Thanks to the combination of modern equipment and the specialized solutions of our work team, these challenges are translated into quality and efficiency projects.

We are ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company, the scope of our certification is:

Marketing of consulting and equipment services, project realization and technical service in the field of medium and high voltage for:

  • Design, parameterization, start-up and control of electrical substations and their protection systems.
  • Electrical and electromechanical maintenance of protection devices, electrical generation and distribution equipment, as well as its associated infrastructure.
  • Solutions for electrical distribution networks for protection systems, automation, measurement, isolation and wildlife protection.

Success Stories

Since 1996 in CFS, every day we are generating businesses that challenge us, these are some of our successful projects

Energy storage, the element of the network that arrived to stay

The storage of energy as technological development arises in response to the need to synchronize supply and demand of a good that, without such accumulation systems, would have to be produced and consumed instantaneously.


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